Kurortny Hotel, Essentuki city
Yssentuki, 11 Internacionalnaya Str.
             8 800 222-45-35
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Hotel history

The building has a rich history. In the early twentieth century, the house belonged to A.M. Gorepkina who provided accommodation to visitors of the city for more than twenty years . Soon, however, a rich merchant named I.A. Kosov became a new ownet of the building. He quichly built… He quickly built at this place a large tenement building . Inside was a general store, his apartment, hotel "Donskie Nomera", as well as a restaurant, which at that time was the first in the town. After the death of the merchant, his sons continued his business, founding the trading house called "Kosov Brothers and Co".

In Soviet times the building was rebuilt and turned into a department store that residents habitually called "Kosovski". It stopped working in the spring of 1973 after a deli №1 of "Kurortprodtorg" and a department store were opened near it.

The building wasn't empty for long, and soon it was transferred to the Central City Library named after N.K. Krupskaya. It was working until August 2006, when the basement was flooded with water, and on the front wall there was a serious crack. After that, the former Kosov's house was transferred into private ownership.